My story

When I started my sneaker hobby myself, I quickly noticed that there were no online stores in Finland that sold genuine sneakers. There were only a few foreign online stores, but ordering from them was difficult, deliveries could take a long time and there were a lot of additional costs.

I decided then that I want to set up an online store myself, where sneaker enthusiasts can buy authentic shoes reliably and quickly within Finland. So I started the Sneakers In Finland online store.

Now, after a few years, Sneakers In Finland is one of Finland's most popular sneaker online stores. We have a wide selection of authentic sneakers, fast deliveries and excellent customer service.

I am really proud that I have been able to help Finnish sneaker enthusiasts find shoes easily and reliably. None of this would be possible without you who have followed, supported and ordered from me over the years! Thanks <3

Eero Andersson Jordan 1 High Travis Scott